Founded: 2009
Teams: 40
2019 Champions: Terminal (Russia)
Invited clubs

Tournament regulations

  • All players must be 25 years or older.
  • Professional ice hockey players as well as retired professional players who have stopped playing professionally less than 2 years prior to the tournament are not allowed to participating.
  • If, for technical reasons, the game cannot be completed within allowed time (50 minutes) for one game, the result of the game stays as it is on the score board, when the time ends.
  • Body-checking is not allowed during the games.
  • Slapshots are allowed only if both teams have agreed to this before the start of the game.
  • A team that is called for icing is not allowed to make player changes.
  • Each team can sign up for 25 players. The list of players can be changed only till first game.

Length of one game:

  • Regulation time consists of three periods of 12 minutes.
  • First & second periods “Running clock” third period “Standard clock with stops”.
  • Break between periods 1 minute.
  • Each team is allowed one, 30-second timeout during a game.
  • Teams change ends to start each period.
  • If score is tied after three periods a penalty-shot shootout will be used to determine the winner
  • Penalty-Shot Shootout (PSS) Procedure.
  • Three different shooters from each team will take shots.
  • If the game is still tied after three shots by each team, the PSS will continue with a tie-break shoot out by one player of each team (till first mistake), with a reversed shooting order.
  • The same or new players can take the tie-break shots.
  • The same player can also be used for each shot by a team in the tie-break shoot-out.

Duration of Penalties

  • Minor penalty -1 minute “Stop time”
  • Major penalty -5 minutes “Stop time”
  • Misconduct penalty- 10 minutes “Running clock”
  • The player participating in the fight is punished with 1 + 10 minute penalty.
  • The player, who drops the gloves during the fight, will be punished with 5 + 20 minute penalty.
  • A player who has repeatedly (twice) received a Misconduct penalty during the tournament shall be automatically disqualified till the end of the tournament.
  • In case of other situations during the tournament which are not mentioned here, the head-referee of the tournament shall take a decision.
  • Any teams or players that break the tournament rules will face the following penalties;

The team will forfeit the game 0:5.

  • Offending player/players will be ejected from the tournament (but may continue to support the team from the stadium seating).

Points per one game

  • 3 points for the winning team at the conclusion of regulation time.
  • 2 points for winning team at Penalty-Shot Shootout Procedure.
  • 1 point for losing team at Penalty-Shot Shootout Procedure.
  • 0 points for the team losing the game in regulation time

In the first two days, teams are playing group tournament (each with each).

After the group tournament ends, teams are ranked from 1 to 5 place.

Based on the following criteria:

  1. Higher number of points;

(In case of two or more teams having the same number of points).

  1. Mutual game score.
  2. Better goal difference.
  3. Higher number of scored goals.
  4. Lower number of goals against.
  5. Lower number of penalties.
  6. Determined by lottery.

After ranked teams from 1 to 5 place, teams are divided into levels A, B, C, D, E. Level A corresponds to 1 place and level E corresponds to 5 place.



Eight each (A, B, C, D, E) level teams are ranked from 1 to 8 place.

Based on the following criteria:

  1. Higher number of points;

(In case of two or more teams having the same number of points).

  1. Better goal difference.
  2. Higher number of scored goals.
  3. Lower number of goals against.
  4. Lower number of penalties.
  5. Determined by lottery.

On the third day (play-off day), each team can have between 1 and 3 games!

  • Quarterfinals – Winning teams goes to the Semifinal; loser teams fall out of the play-off.
  • Semifinals – Winning teams goes to the final; loser teams have game for 3r place.